Les Misérables '18 at Kudos Gallery

 Les Misérables ‘18

 4 - 21 JULY 2018

The central concern of 'Les Misérables '18' is how we consume narratives. It understands that history is being forged not by reasonable adults building a considered future, but by passionate individuals tangling on a gut level. The exhibition asks us to reconsider our perceptions of history and its figures—and the uncanny ways pantomime reflects how our culture actually remembers. 

While the curators draw inspiration from the many adaptations of Victor Hugo's 'Les Misérables' (and particularly Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil's 1980 megamusical), it’s going to be really helpful if you recognise that the works in this exhibition are, by and large, uninterested in that story. The sensibility of 'Les Misérables' is what the curators were drawn to; it re-focuses the story of revolutionary Paris as a sprawling bombastic series of stories. It embraces camp and high drama, sure, but all as a method to subvert and rewrite narratives anew. 

Liam Benson x Cassandra Bird, Dean Cross, Beth Dillon, Heidi Lefebvre, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Luke O'Connor x George Haddad, Katy B Plummer, Em Size, Marcia Swaby, Alexander Tanazefti, Athena Thebus, Amanda Wolf and Zoe Wong. 

Curated by Heidi Lefebvre x Katy B Plummer, and Luke Létourneau

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I am so excited to be exhibiting a revamped version of my video work Tragic Romantic as part of  'Les Misérables '18'. 

Exhibition Documentation
Photographer: Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer.