Love Fest 2018, Budapest

May 11-13 2018

LoveFest is a collaborative experimental arts festival. The event uses the medium of ‘festival’ to create new ways of being and producing together. The festival aims to produce radical rethinking on the concept of Love through events where non-form is the form.

The lovers of Budapest were treated to a screening of my opus to self love, Dry Hump, Wet Dreams (2016). Thanks for having me! 

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Dry Hump, Wet Dreams (2016)

A lazy stroke. A deep fist. 
Dry Hump, Wet Dreams engages with the body as a site of exploration and play, reinterpreting childhood and adolescent masturbatory experiments as awkward and comedic initiations into pleasure and sexual agency. Responding to the corporeal as a playground of ecstatic fluids as grotesque comedy, this video work re-imagines the sloppy disconnect between fantasy and reality embedded in the lonliness and electricity of growing up.