Deep Trash Romance



Bethnal Green Working Man's Club, London

10 February 2018

Cruise through our pleasure palace and let the waning crescent of the moon enlighten you… Deep Trash is back for an out of the ordinary, anti-Valentine affair oozing with bad romance!
Interactive cyber love, queer erotic video works, installations of ‘perverse sexualities', cruising experiences, romantic machines, subversive maternal intimacies, eco-sex sessions, one-to-one skin encounters, live feminist porn interventions, dark and camp songs of seduction, radical self-love, a pole-dancing chrysalis ambient, butch & femme cabaret, magic tricks and… free ear piercings!

PERFORMANCES: Flaviana Xavier Antunes Sampaio / Ivan Lupi / Jen Smethurst / Louise Orwin / Mystical Femmes [Katy Jalili & Tallulah Haddon] / Nicola Hunter / Philip Bedwell / Rachael Young / Sadiq Sadiq & Vendetta Vain / Senith / Slavina + Lidia Ravviso [music by Lady Maru] / Stephen Eyre / Tom Thom / VORTESSA [Lady Helena Vortex & Miss Giovanna Maria Casetta]

VIDEOS: Amanda Wolf / Alex Hovet / Agnes Momirski / Colette Copeland & Adam George / Diana Galimzyanova / Daniela Zahlner / Eggs and Legs + Clitus Clitoris / Georgia Day / Jam Steward / Jamie Janković / Jason Bernagozzi / Joy Kolaitis feat. Anna Goula / Kassandra Powell / Lulika / Marilou Poncin & Fannie Sosa / Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway / Rosie Gibbens / Sexon & Sharpe / Tone Haldrup Lorenzen

ARTWORKS: Anjali Prashar-Savoie & Hugh Hathaway / Craestor / Cyber Cesspool / Eliza Goroya / Face The Strange / Indigo Rain / Joseph Ridgeon / Lulu Fan / Nicol Parkinson & Phoebe Patey-Ferguson / Noe Warren [Leo Leander] / Prawnstarpoems [Amanda Hohenberg] / Rosina Godwin / Studio Prokopiou / Sugar & Ginger / TAXI [Suman & Sourav] / Vanane / VenidaDevenida

MUSIC: Smaragda34 / Nadine Artois (Pxssy Palace) / Rabz (BBZ)

My video work 'Dry Hump, Wet Dreams' (2016) is coming to London and getting screened as paet of this exciting event!

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If you arelucky enough to be in London, the conference ‘Love, Pain & Intimacy in Live Art’ will run inconjunction with DEEP TRASH ROMANCE.

Drawing from the pains and pleasures of subversive parenting, sexual/asexual encounters, tattoo and skin-based practices and Black dance communities, artists and writers discuss the affective relations involved in live art practices.
Presentations by Ivan Lupi, Rachael Young, Emie // Eva-Marie Elg as E-ME 2.0, Nicola Hunter and keynote lecture by Dominic Johnson (Reader in Performance and Visual Culture, Queen Mary University of London).