Colourful Chaos for fluxKUNST

Colourful Chaos
fluxKUNST x The Laundry

 Wooloongabba Substation
4 February 2018

What happens when a pixel gets so large it takes up the entire screen? What happens when you're so insecure that you need a constantly nodding hat to gratify you with affirmation? Is the peak of popularity linked to online followers? And, why are robots trying to lure me into sex chat? Where is the line between the digital and the real? 

This Fluxkunst exhibition, COLOURFUL CHAOS, hosted by The Laundry Artspace in Brisbane, Australia explores the many chaotic implications of colour. Drawing together artists from all over the world, this exhibition features both physical and digital artworks which illicit strong emotional reactions colour. 

Artists navigating a something that isn't tangible to bring you COLOURFUL CHAOS. 

List of Artists:

APE (Bernard Avantin) /Agnes Durbet / Mia Bencun / Louise Bradley/ Mark Cypher/Surface//Cast

Jac Dyson/ Diana Galimzyanova/ Olga Guse / Jason Haggerty /John L. Hammer /Erin Laurel Hayhow

Henriette Hellstern/ Ana Karkar/ Lita Poliakova/ Eden Mitsenmacher / Naween Noppakun /

Leyla Rodriguez / Lily Rosina / Dream Safarii / Joe Winograd / Amanda Wolf

My video work 'Bump and Grind' (2017) is getting another run around the block by being featured in this exciting technicolour extravaganza in Brisbane, Australia.

Installation View. Photograph courtesy of fluxKUNST.

About FluxKUNST

FluxKUNST is an initiative founded in 2016 by artists Erin Laurel Hayhow and Ursula Cooper which facilitates a platform for artists to exhibit artists internationally. Exhibiting artist in their own country, this initiative aims to encourage artists to show work across boarders – outside of their country of residence.

Our program consists of exhibitions taking place across Europe, the UK and Australia with a focus on new-media, video, installation and site specific works. FluxKUNST endeavours to actively contribute to the critical dialogue within the contemporary art community and aims to strengthen discussion surrounding emerging experimental art.

The Laundry Artspace is grateful for the support of Brisbane City Councillor for The Gabba Ward, Jonathan Sri, and his office for facilitating our 2018 exhibition program at Communify's Woolloongabba Substation.