Deep Clean at AiR Sandnes

                                                          Deep Clean
                                                         AiR Sandnes

                                                           9 June 2017

Rejecting the often idealised notion of the bathroom as a hygienic personal sanctuary, 'Deep Clean' reimagines the abject realities of shared wet zones and the fantasies which they breed. Responding to what gets thrown on the floor, washed down the drain and played out in the mirror, Amanda Wolf reflects on the materiality of personal care and private rituals of cleaning and bodily play through a rolling exchange between performance and sculptural experiments.

'Deep Clean' served as a one night only event and a preview of works produced through the AiR Sandes residency program.

                                                                             Video stills

Soap Turner (2017)

Showercap Rebreather (2017)

Pink Drip (2017)

                                                                             Installation View