Impostor syndrome is described as ‘referring to high achieving individuals marked by an inability to internalise their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’.’
The mode of faking it til you make it and not ascribing yourself validation is a phenomenon that most individuals can relate to and which people within the creative arts especially find hard to measure or realise. BUSYBRICK presents IMPOSTOR SYNDROME as a vehicle to speak of what an impostor syndrome may be and showcase the moments and emotions surrounding it and includes ideas on vulnerability, fear, struggle, self-awareness, humour, self-worth and talks to notions of courage, change, success, fight and personal belief.

Amanda Wolf 'Tragic Romantic' 

Within my practice I am interested in the comedic and melodramatic potential of the body, particularly when applied to experiences of pleasure and vulnerability. Through mask play, costumes and soft sculpture, I respond to the abject body as a space which evokes tensions between fantasy and reality, desire and disgust.
Expanding on this ongoing enquiry into physical and emotional vulnerability, this collection of video work and objects explores the pursuit of love as an abject battlefield of leaking, concealed and fragmented forms. Anxieties surrounding intimacy and rejection are played out as a poetic yet grotesque comedy in which the materiality of the body serves as an outward expression of inadequacy, desire and heartbreak.

Watch the video work 'Tragic Romantic' HERE

Installation view

Tragic Romantic (2016) digital video and textile installation, dimensions variable. 

 Master and Servant (2016) stretch PVC, cotton thread and stuffing, dimensions variable. 

 Unfold (Fool for a Lifetime) (2016) stretch PVC, cotton thread and stuffing, dimensions variable.


Lumpy clown mitts for life,