Look ma, no hands!

I have had a deliriously busy week preparing for my Honours exegesis submission and resolving my studio work for the final exam. Installing my current body of work (which ranges from costumes, soft sculpture, video and photos) is going to be interesting.
It is hard to remember this time last year, before the tumbleweeds of PVC and felt had contaminated my bedroom and studio. When all I had to think about were a couple of magnets...
One small victory of last week was the elaborate transformation of a two person costume into a free standing sculpture. It hangs from the ceiling at around 2 metres and is an exciting step towards creating elaborate fabric wonderlands within the gallery space. (My big plan for next year!) Although I still love this form as a costume, swapping the human guts for a hanging structure will save a lot of friends the  discomfort of posing for days on end.