Old is new

In the spirit of a new year, a new set of works to be made, a new house to be moved into and a new set of terrifying brisbane storms to guard my studio against I am looking to clear out the old and find new homes for some of my work.

The Lover Twins 2012 pen on paper, 3.5 m x 1.5 m  $2000
Pull 2012 Mixed media (ink and pen on Stonehenge mounted on Marine ply) $150

Writhe 2012 Mixed Media (ink and pen on Stonehenge mounted on Marine ply) $150

Foetal 2012 Mixed Media (ink and pen on Stonehenge, mounted on Marine) ply $100

                                              Afternoon Delight 2011  Mixed media diorama $90

                                                                      Masks $75 each
                         Range from mixed media on wood to ink on paper, mounted onto wood

                                                                     Lino cuts

Noble Beast 2011 linocut on Stonehenge $90

Howl linocut on Stonehenge $90
contact me at amandathewolf@gmail.com
for  more info or images